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Somalia Latest News

SOMALIA: Interview with Maxwell Gaylard, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator
HARGEYSA, 27 October (IRIN) - The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Maxwell Gaylard, visited the country including Somaliland and Puntland on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the UN. In an interview with IRIN on 23 October in Hargeysa, the Somaliland capital, he talked about the UN's work there. Below are excerpts of the interview: 

WFP opts for relief transport by road
The World Food Programme will in November begin transporting relief food to Somalia by road following a spate of piracy incidents.

Dozens perish as drought takes hold in Somalia
NAIROBI, Oct 27 (Reuters) - A severe drought in western and southern Somalia has killed dozens of people, hundreds of livestock and raised fears of an outbreak of disease after seasonal rains failed, a minister said on Thursday.

Resettlement officials expect more refugees from Somalia
ST. PAUL - Resettlement groups in Minnesota said the state will likely see more refugees from Somalia, Burma and Nepal, while the number of Hmong refugees is expected to decline.

SOMALIA: UN envoy in Jowhar to meet President Yusuf
NAIROBI, 25 October (IRIN) - The UN Secretary-General's Special Representative (SRSG) to Somalia, François Lonseny Fall, left Nairobi, Kenya, on Tuesday for the Somali town of Jowhar to meet senior members of the transitional government.

More refugees from Somalia expected
Resettlement groups in Minnesota said the state will likely see more refugees from Somalia, Burma and Nepal, while the numbers of Hmong refugees is expected to decline. 

UN official, Somali president meet over impasse
JOWHAR, Somalia, Oct 25 (Reuters) - The top United Nations official for Somalia met the anarchic country's president on Tuesday to try to end months of wrangling inside his divided government that has increased the threat of renewed fighting.

New Somali govt looking for investors to rebuild economy
When Somali Foreign Minister Abdullahi Sheikh Ismael and his Kenyan counterpart Chirau Ali Mwakwere signed an agreement on technical and economic co-operation on September 6, it marked the first time Somalia had signed a bilateral accord in decades. 

2nd immigration trial begins for Somali community leader
The retrial of a Somali community leader opened yesterday with no references to terrorist organizations or national security, making it seem like a run-of-the-mill immigration case. 

UN Envoy to Hold Talks with Somali President in Jowhar
The UN envoy to Somalia is traveling to the lawless nation's provisional capital of Jowhar on Tuesday for consultations as part of an ongoing effort to find a peaceful solution to differences within the Somali government, UN said In Nairobi Monday.

"We Somalis must do more to adapt to Finnish society"
 "I often wonder how the immigrant crowd can live here, but still be absent in spirit."  This comment sounds strange – especially when voiced by a Somali, and what is more, in nearly perfect Finnish. 

Somalia Faces Threat of New Civil War
NAIROBI, Kenya - With too many weapons, too little food and three factions vying for control, Somalia's anarchy is overwhelming its new government even before it can establish itself. 

Hostages held by Somali pirates arrive in Kenya
Seventeen hostages who had been held hostage by Somali pirates for more than 100 days have finally arrived home safely, officials confirmed here Sunday. 

Arms, hunger breed crisis in Somalia
NAIROBI, Kenya — With too many weapons, too little food and three factions vying for control, Somalia's anarchy is overwhelming its new government even before it can establish itself.

Crew speak of terror at the hands of hijackers
They were in an upbeat mood when they bade farewell to their families. The vessel was in perfect condition as the cheery captain beckoned his crew to get aboard, ready to set off.

Somali band performing in concert at West High
ShegoBand is performing a 7 p.m. concert at Kersenbrock Auditorium as part of the Midwest World Fest, which also will bring other performers here during the next 1 1/2 years. Band members will be performing in their native languages of Somali and Bravanese with traditional stringed instruments like the oud (a type of lute) and the shareero, the gobo (a bamboo flute) and Congo drums.

Somali pirates hijack another ship
NAIROBI, Oct. 21 (Xinhuanet) -- Somali pirates have seized a cargoship off the coast of the Horn of Africa nation in the latest of aspate of such incidents that have prompted awful maritime warnings,officials said Friday. 

Pirates hijack Maltese ship off Somali coast
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Somali gunmen have hijacked a Maltese ship in the pirate-infested waters off the coast of Somalia in the latest of a spate of such incidents that have prompted strong maritime warnings, officials said on Friday.

 Militiamen hail release of Somali chief
Mogadishu - Celebratory gunfire erupted in the Somali capital late on Thursday on the release from jail of Mogadishu's police chief, who was arrested in Sweden this week on suspicion of genocide.

Somali leaders need to resume dialogue, Annan says
20 October 2005 – Friction between leaders in Somalia is preventing the country's federal institutions from functioning effectively and if divisions intensify these fragile structures could be undermined, Secretary-General Kofi Annan warns in a new report to the Security Council.

Sweden frees Somali police chief
A Somali colonel has been released from custody in Sweden due to insufficient evidence linking him to genocide, reports the AP news agency. Col Abdi Qeybdid was arrested after being accused of involvement in attacks on US forces in the 1990s. 

New ship hijacking reported in Somali waters
Mogadishu - Gunmen have hijacked yet another ship in the pirate-infested waters off the coast of lawless Somalia in the latest of a spate of such incidents that have prompted dire maritime warnings, officials said on Thursday.

Swedish Police Release Former Somali Militiaman Accused of War Crimes
A Swedish court has released a former Somali militia commander accused of war crimes for lack of evidence. The court freed Abdi Qeybdiid, 57, Thursday, saying the evidence against him was insufficient. 

Somali journalists under attack
BOSSASSO, Somalia -- Police in Somalia's autonomous northeastern region of Puntland have been charged with "outrageous behavior and ferocity" towards the media

Somali anger over Swedish arrest
There have been demonstrations in Somalia's capital in protest at the arrest in Sweden of a Somali colonel. Col Abdi Qeybdid was in Sweden to attend an international conference when he was detained at the weekend for alleged involvement in war crimes.

Somaliland hopes for recognition
(GIN)—Somaliland, the little known breakaway republic from the east African nation of Somalia, is hoping to win some recognition for its democratic practices. Somaliland voters recently went to the polls in the country’s third national election since political pluralism was introduced in 2000. 

10,000 Somali Oromos to be repatriated
Plans to repatriate more than 10,000 Somali Oromo herdsmen who have invaded parts of Eastern province in search of water and pasture have been finalised. 

Somali officials urge Sweden to free police chief
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Somali officials urged Sweden on Tuesday to free a Somali police chief arrested on suspicion of war crimes while attending an aid conference, saying justice would have to wait in a country where "nobody is innocent".

Somali gunmen raid film studios
Islamist gunmen in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, have raided a studio that dubs Bollywood films into Somali. 
The militiamen from the Union of the Islamic Courts confiscated equipment and apprehended five people

'Black Hawk Down' Somali leader seized
STOCKHOLM: A Somali suspected of leading militia forces during the 1993 "Black Hawk Down" battle has been arrested in Sweden for war crimes. Abdi Hassan Awale, 57, was attending a conference on development in the Horn of Africa when Somali exiles recognised him and reported him to police. 

Yemen military spending criticized
SANAA, Yemen, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- A U.N. report on development has criticized Yemen's high military spending compared to its low output for development and services.

Somali Islamic militias raid movie studio
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Dozens of gunmen loyal to Islamic courts stormed a video studio in Somalia's capital on Monday, destroying equipment and confiscating hundreds of tapes that were being translated into the Somali language.

Somali police chief arrested in Sweden on suspicion of war crimes
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - A Somali police chief and former militia commander was arrested Monday on suspicions of war crimes after attending a conference in Sweden, police and organizers said.

SOMALIA: UN condemns arms embargo violations
NAIROBI, 17 Oct 2005 (IRIN) - The UN Security Council has condemned the increase in the flow of arms and ammunition into Somalia in violation of a 13-year-old arms embargo against the war-scarred Horn of Africa nation.

Mogdishu, 17 Oct. (AKI) - With Somalia riven by factional fighting and lacking a functioning central government for the past 14 years, the first steps have been taken to rebuild a national civilian police force at a United Nations-backed workshop. 

Somali Government weighs in on mining deal
SOMALIA'S Government has raised concerns with the Australian Stock Exchange over a mysterious deal involving a small Perth company that claims it has secured the exclusive mineral and oil rights over a large slice of the war-torn African country.

FEATURE-Nursing wounds, Somali enclave dreams of nationhood
HARGEISA, Oct 16 (Reuters) - Abdi Ibrahim lost most of his loved ones in 1988 when government bombers attacked Hargeisa, at the time just another city flattened by Somalia's civil war.

More Somali arms ban violations seen
MOGADISHU: Less than a day after the UN Security Council condemned huge violations of a 13-year-old arms embargo on Somalia, Somali witnesses yesterday made fresh allegations of illicit weapons entering the lawless country.

WFP welcomes release of aid vessel hijacked by Somali pirates
Nairobi, Kenya, 10/15 - The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed the release of a food aid-laden Kenya-registered ship "MV Miltzow," detained by Somali pirates for 32 hours. 
The vessel and its 10-member crew - nine Kenyans and a Uganda - were carrying WFP food aid to drought-stricken people in southern Somalia. 

Council expands mandate of monitoring group probing Somali arms embargo
UNITED NATIONS, Oct 14 (KUNA) -- The Security Council on Friday requested the Secretary-General to re-establish, within 30 days and for a six-month period, the monitoring group investigating the on-going arms embargo violations in Somalia and to widen its task to include now probing financial, maritime and other sectors which help fund those violations.

UN road map for Somali police training ends
Nairobi, Kenya, 10/14 - Uganda and the United Nations have finalised plans to train a special police force for Somalia, currently on the verge of putting together war-shattered institutions back in place, according to the UN Development on Thursday here. 

Somali militia claims killer of UN staff slain in shoot-out
MOGADISHU, Oct 14 (AFP) - A Somali militia said Friday it had killed the suspected murderer of a UN security officer slain earlier this month during a botched kidnap attempt in the southern part of the lawless nation. 

UN council slams Somalia arms influx
The 15-member council on Friday slammed "the significant increase in the flow of weapons and ammunition supplies to and through Somalia, which constitutes a violation of the arms embargo and a serious threat to the Somali peace process." . . . . . . . . . .

Somali pirates free hijacked ship
Pirates in Somalia have freed a UN-chartered ship carrying food aid, two days after hijacking it from the southern port of Merka. 
The MV Miltzow's owner told the BBC no ransom had been paid and his company was suspending operations to Somalia until security had improved. . . . . . .  . . . 

Roadmap to reconstruct the Somali Police Force finalised
Nairobi (13 October 2005) – The Somali Law Enforcement Seminar and Police Training Workshop to create a roadmap to guide the reconstruction of the Somali national civilian police force concluded today in  Kampala........ 

Brazen pirates 'make Somali waters unsafe'
Mogadishu - Highly organised, well-armed and increasingly brazen pirates have turned the unpatrolled waters off the Somali coast into a maritime disaster zone and attack and seize merchant vessels seemingly at will......

Yemen Denies Smuggling Arms to Somalia
SANA'A - Yemen has denied smuggling weapons into Somali territories, saying it had sent arms in open support for the Somali elected government, an official source said last week. Speaking to 26sep.net, the source said that Yemen supplied the government arms to help the Somali police maintain security and stability....

Kenyans advised to avoid Somali coastline
Thur, October 13, 2005 - The government is advising Kenyans to avoid sailing to the Somalia Coastline following a series of cargo ship hijackings. 3 Mombasa registered cargo ships have been hijacked by pirates along the Coastline in the past 3 months, and the International Maritime Bureau says there've been at least 20 attacks on ships in Somalias waters since March..... 

SOMALIA: Pirates commandeer another ship off Somali coast
NAIROBI, 12 October (IRIN) - One week after a vessel carrying food aid to tsunami survivors in Somalia was released by pirates, another ship has been commandeered off the coast of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, a local source said on Wednesday.

Somali man fights deportation
A Somali man is begging the immigration minister not to send him home.  The government wants to send the 26-year-old overstayer back to war-torn Somalia. But the United Nations says the African nation is not safe for failed asylum seekers.

Behind the Scenes
A tree falls in the park down the street from your house. You call the city parks department, a neighbor calls the city public works department and another neighbor leaves a message with a city councilmember. Several days later, a parks maintenance vehicle, a city public works truck and a contract landscaper show up simultaneously to remove the fallen tree.

KENYA: Displaced Somalis asked to return to Buro-ache
NAIROBI, 11 October (IRIN) - Kenyan authorities have asked thousands of refugees who entered the country earlier this year after fleeing inter-clan fighting in the Somali town of Buro-ache to return to their homes across the border, arguing that the town was now calm.

Yemen admits breaking embargo
Sana'a - The Yemeni government admitted on Monday that it sent weapons to Somalia earlier this year to help the country's interim government consolidate its grip on power and restore stability....

Somali gunmen hijack Kenyans
Another ship with nine Kenyan seamen aboard is feared to have been hijacked by Somali gunmen.
Seafarers Assistance Programme Co-ordinator, Mr Andrew Mwangura, yesterday said the vessel, MV Torgelow, was hijacked near El Maan port in Somalia, the same area where eight Kenyans abducted in another ship three months ago were released last week...

Yemen arming Somalia government
SANAA, Yemen (UPI) -- Yemen denied that it smuggled arms to Somalia, stressing that it only forwarded personal weapons to the Somali authorities to support ... 

Helsinki officials and Somali community groups ponder youth crime issue
Somali organisations fault officials for splitting up families too easily. Representatives of the police, social services officials, and organisations representing the Somali community are scheduled to meet this week to ponder the situation of a group of young Somalis caught committing robberies in the centre of Helsinki.... 

Somali colonel shot dead in Mogadishu, residents say
NAIROBI, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Gunmen shot dead a Somali army colonel in Mogadishu in the latest in a string of assassinations of soldiers and policemen in the chaotic capital, residents said on Sunday.

Somalia arms flow soars despite UN embargo
UNITED Nations: Arms flowing into lawless Somalia have increased dramatically over the last eight months through smuggling and shipments from Yemen, Ethiopia and Eritrea in violation of a UN weapons embargo, a panel of experts reported on Friday. The four-member panel, appointed by the UN Security Council, proposed that the council impose an embargo on charcoal exports and foreign fishing vessels in Somali waters, a source of revenue for warlords to buy arms....... 

Somali deportee continues to elude police
A Somali fugitive was today continuing to elude police after escaping from Department of Corrections staff at Wellington Airport on Friday. Abdikarin Ali Haji, aged 29, fled in his bare feet from the airport while being transferred to Auckland to await deportation....

Somalia: Annan calls on authorities to find and prosecute killers of UN security officer
5 October 2005 – United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on the Somali authorities to bring to justice the gunmen who killed a UN security officer Monday night in the Lower Juba region.

SOMALIA: US commends Somaliland on polls
NAIROBI, 4 October (IRIN) - The United States has welcomed the recent legislative elections in the self-declared republic of Somaliland as an example to the rest of Somalia, US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said on Monday.

WFP lauds return of hijacked ship, release of food aid
NAIROBI, Oct. 5 (Xinhuanet) -- The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Wednesday welcomed the safe arrival of a WFP-chartered ship and its crew at the Somali port of El Maan on the 100th day since it was hijacked by pirates off the Somali coast.

Council urges Somali factions to recommit themselves to peace
UNITED NATIONS, Oct 4 (KUNA) -- The Security Council on Tuesday urged all Somali factions to recommit themselves to peaceful resolution of their differences through political dialogue.

Helsinki youth with Somali backgrounds tired of constant suspicion
"All right, let's sit down here at this table!" Anneli Koskinen, project secretary of the immigrant work effort of the Central Railway station area shouts above the din. Only a few of the boys at the table-football table heed the first call. 

Somali hijack ship 'safe' in port
A ship carrying food aid that was hijacked by pirates has arrived in the Somali port of El-Maan, the UN says. 
Owners of the MV Semlow, which was hijacked in June, said the 10 crew members were now released and unharmed. 

Ramadan begins for world's Muslims
Religious authorities in the Arab world have announced the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan on Tuesday, according to local media reports.

17 killed in inter Somali fighting
Some 17 persons were killed and other 28 injured on Sunday in Somalia during two separate clashes among warring groups.

Reports: Somali militia tax provokes violence
NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Six people were killed and 12 others wounded in fighting over taxes between rival militia in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, residents said on Monday.

Somali pirates free hijacked UN aid ship - owner
NAIROBI, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Somali pirates on Sunday freed a ship carrying U.N. food aid they hijacked nearly 100 days ago, and the vessel was bound for a safe port under friendly guard, the ship's owner said.

The Future of the Somali Financial Global Services London (HAN) October 1, 2005 - Somali remittance companies, which transfer approximately one billion dollars annually, have been subject to close scrutiny since the September 11th terrorist attacks. This scrutiny, focusing on the lack of transparency and accountability, led to the closure of the biggest Somali remittance company, Al-Barakat, in November 2001 by United States authorities.

Omar Jamal: This Somali government mustn't fail
The Sept. 25 Associated Press article "Far from home, Somalis press U.S. to aid emerging government" created concern among the Somali community in this state. Somalis in Minnesota are not divided, and therefore support the reinstitution of the Somali government after 15 years of brutal civil war.

Civil rights suit alleges hate crimes against Somali family
BOSTON --Attorney General Tom Reilly has filed a civil rights lawsuit charging five white teens with racially motivated attacks against a Somali family that had recently moved to Winthrop.

Somali enclave votes, dreams of becoming a nation HARGEISA, Sept 29 (Reuters) - The breakaway enclave of Somaliland voted for a parliament on Thursday, hoping a third democratic poll since 2002 would boost its case for nationhood and prove it is a model of democracy in lawless Somalia. 

Somalia's Garbage Scavengers
Day Three: No government, no jobs, no hope, but plenty of garbage. For two disabled Somali war veterans, a garbage dump isn't just a place to find food -- it's home. 

With Warlords Once Again on the Verge of Major Clash, What Can Save Somalia?
Day Four: Warlords are once again on the verge of a major clash. But this showdown pits the interim president against members of his own Cabinet. Amid such animosity, can anything save Somalia?

Day 94: Somali hijackers take ship back to their base
Nairobi, 28 September 2005 - WFP confirmed today that the hijackers of a WFP-chartered ship seized three months ago had broken an agreement to release the vessel, its 10-man crew and cargo of food aid and returned it to their base off central Somalia along with its 10-man crew and cargo of food aid. 

Somaliland in first vote for MPs
Voters in Somaliland are choosing MPs for the first time since the territory declared independence from Somalia 14 years ago. All three parties competing put the quest for international recognition at the top of the agenda. 

WFP says Somali pirates renege on ship's return
NAIROBI, Sept 28 (Reuters) - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Wednesday blasted Somali pirates who seized a ship carrying its food aid three months ago for reneging on a deal to free the vessel, its crew and cargo of food.

Sons celebrate reunion with father, embrace educational opportunities
For the first time in their lives, five brothers from Somalia will get the chance to make choices about their education. Ismail Ismail, 18, Salad Ismail, 17, Mohamed Ismail, 16, and twins Nalaye and Abdulkadir Ismail, 15, were used to rigid lesson plans mandated by teachers and parents in Somalia.

SOMALIA: Radio journalist jailed for reports on Puntland prison 
New York, September 27, 2005—Authorities in the Puntland city of Bossasso arrested an STN radio editor Monday in connection with his reporting on prison conditions, according to the Somali journalists union NUSOJ and a local source. Awale Jama Salad is being detained without charge for the second time in recent months.

Somali enclave pushes for nationhood with polls
HARGEISA - The breakaway enclave of Somaliland holds parliamentary elections on Thursday, trying to to prove it is a model of democracy in lawless Somalia and worthy of nationhood. 

United Nations wants Somali warlords to become 'peacelords'
Peace is a word long bandied about by diplomats of the United Nations.   But bloodthirsty Somali warlords must have been a little nonplussed when a UN special envoy told them to become “peacelords” in a country where warlords have made an art of anarchy.

Police hold three over series of street muggings
Police in Helsinki say that they have made considerable progress in clearing up a series of armed street robberies. A total of 12 people were questioned during the weekend, three of whom are still in police custody suspected of several robberies.

Somali pirates seize second ship
Somali pirates, who have been holding a ship carrying food aid since June, have used it to board a second boat. The Ibnu Batuta was carrying cement from Egypt when it was attacked near the port of El-Maan, near Mogadishu. 

UN asks Somali leaders to end hostages crisis
Two days after it pulled out of further negotiations for Kenyan hostages, the United Nations World Food Programme yesterday urged Somali politicians and community leaders at Haradheere to end the crisis.

Far from home, Somalis press U.S. to aid emerging government
Somalis living in Minnesota may be thousands of miles and years removed from their homeland in the Horn of Africa, but that hasn't kept them from having a say in the future of their country.

Second ship hijacked as talks between WFP and pirates fail
Somali pirates who have been holding WFP rented cargo ship, Kenyan MV Semlow in Central Somalia since June have captured another one. The identity of the second ship is not known yet but witnesses in the area where both ships are being held said it is likely a freight ship. 

Somalia`s premier cautions Somali warlords
Nairobi, Kenya, 09/24 - Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi Thursday termed as "totally unhelpful and unacceptable" plans by Mogadishu-based warlords to destabilise reconciliation efforts aimed at restoring peace and stability to the Horn of Africa country.

Polio campaign starts in Mogadish to curb new outbreak
Following the identification of two polio cases in Somalia, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today jointly launched a three-day emergency polio immunization campaign in Mogadishu. 

Six al Qaeda suspects arrested in Somali enclave
HARGEISA, Somalia, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Authorities in the breakaway enclave of Somaliland arrested six al Qaeda suspects accused of planning attacks in the lead-up to next week's parliamentary poll, officials said on Friday.

Somali PM calls for warlords' not to destabilize peace
Somalia's Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi on Thursday called on Mogadishu-based warlords not to destabilize efforts aimed at restoring peace and stability to the lawless nation. 

Somali pirates issue new demands as hijacked ship leaves port
NAIROBI, Sept 23, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- A UN-chartered aid ship hijacked by Somali pirates three months ago has left the port where it was expected to unload and sailed to uncertain destination with ten hostages on board, apparently under new demands from the pirates, UN officials said here Friday. 

Somali govt decries "warmongering" from ministers
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Somali warlords meeting in Mogadishu to discuss possible retaliatory military action after a build-up of troops by the new president are jeopardising the peace process, the government said on Thursday.

Gunmen open fire on Somali cafe
Mogadishu - Four unidentified gunmen attacked a cafe in Somalia's capital, killing five people and wounding six others, witnesses said on Thursday.

UN envoy says political progress key to stability in Somalia
NAIROBI, Sept. 21 (Xinhuanet) -- The United Nations' envoy to Somalia on Wednesday told the transitional government of Somalia that only progress in the political process will unlock international support for peace, reconciliation and development. 

SOMALIA: UN special envoy calls for dialogue among leaders
NAIROBI, 21 September (IRIN) - The UN Secretary-General's special representative for Somalia, François Lounseny Fall, urged Somali leaders to resolve their differences through dialogue and consensus and move towards restoring stability in the war-scarred Horn of Africa country.

Somali refugees trek 4 000km, surrender to Zim police A group of Somali asylum seekers have arrived in Zimbabwe after a six-month trek over 4 000km from their Horn of African nation, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Somali warlords debate fight against government
NAIROBI, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Warlords opposed to Somali government leaders based in Jowhar met on Tuesday to debate whether to attack or reconcile, underscoring the deep stalemate and potential for war in Somalia's latest attempt to find peace.

Hijacked UN-chartered ship arrives at Somali port
NAIROBI, Sept. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- The Somali pirates who hijacked aKenyan-registered vessel laden with food aid off the northeastern coast of Somalia have let it dock at a port north of Mogadishu, the UN food agency WFP confirmed Monday. 

More than 100,000 people in southern Somali district need urgent aid, UN says
20 September 2005 – Nearly one third of the population of a southern Somali district needs urgent assistance, while serious malnutrition cases were coming in from another district, at a time when a United Nations appeal for funds for the country had brought in less than half of the amount needed, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today.

Somalia's president meets Somalis in Twin Cities
ST. PAUL - During a visit to the United States, Somalia's new president met with hundreds of Somalis living in Minnesota and spoke with Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., about bringing order to the African nation.

Ethiopia seeks Somalia disintegration - minister
Sept 17, 2005 (MOGADISHU) — The minister of trade of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Muse Sudi Yalahow, has said that Ethiopian was opposed to restoration of peace in Somalia.

Local Social Agencies Giving Relief To Somali Refugees
Representatives of social agencies came together to hear the problems and to find a way to provide the housing, education and medical assistance needed for the Bantus.

UN mission chief welcomes Somali Prime Minister's decision to convene ministers
The head of the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) today welcomed the Somali Prime Minister's invitation to cabinet members, now located in two different towns, to meet in the country's capital, Mogadishu, as the war-shattered country emerges from years of functioning without a central government

7,000 Somali refugees return home: UNHCR
NAIROBI, Sept. 15 (Xinhuanet) -- A total of 6,866 Somali refugees have been repatriated to homeland since the beginning of the year after over a decade in exile in neighboring countries, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said here Thursday.

Somalia: A recent history review 
Somalia gained independence in 1960 and Mohamed Siad Barre became president in 1969. Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991, sending the country into 14 years of civil strife. Many attempts were made during those years to form a national government, but all failed because of clan warfare. Various regions are dominated by warlords and militias.

Somali gunmen release aid after 11 weeks
Somali gunmen who hijacked a UN chartered vessel with a 10-man crew carrying relief food to tsunami victims have released the ship after nearly 11 weeks, officials said.

UN gets back offices in Somali provisional capital
The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has resumed its humanitarian operations in Jowhar, temporary seat of Somalia's transitional government, after the local administration returned its compound, a statement said here Tuesday.

Nigeria: Somali outbreak clouds progress on polio
GENEVA, Sept 13 (AFP) - Polio has reappeared in Somalia, three years after the Horn of Africa nation was declared free of the disease, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Tuesday during a mainly upbeat assessment of progress in a global vaccination campaign. 

Judge says Somali man's statements will be admissible
COLUMBUS, Ohio - The government can use at trial statements made by a Somali man accused of plotting to bomb a shopping mall, a judge ruled.

Somali militia returns control of UNICEF office to U.S. in government-controlled town 
NAIROBI, Kenya – A warlord in southern Somalia has returned to the U.N. control of the UNICEF offices in the town where Somalia's transitional government is based after taking over the compound two days ago, a U.N. spokeswoman said Tuesday. 

11 Somali emigrants killed while sailing to Yemen
Some 11 Somali emigrants were killed after smugglers left them helpless in an ailing boat for 20 days in the sea while they were in their way to Yemen.

Somali warlord gives up control of UN offices
A Somali warlord, whose fighters over the weekend seized control of the United Nations premises in the country's disputed capital of Jowhar, on Tuesday handed back offices to the organisation's local staff.

Somali gunmen take over UN headquarters
Mogadishu - Militia members allied to the leader of the Somali transitional leadership have taken control of the UN offices in the provisional capital of Jowhar and denied UN staff members access to the facility, officials said on Monday.

Investigator Finds Bus Driver Discriminated Against Somali Boy
A Maine Human Rights Commission investigator has found that an Auburn school bus driver discriminated against a Somali boy when he refused to let him on the bus.

Somali police block UN aid work
Police in the Somali town of Jowhar, where the transitional government is based, have stopped local UN staff from entering their offices. 

3 Pinoy captives in Somalia from Misamis Oriental THREE of 12 Filipinos held hostage in Somalia are from Balingasag, Misamis Oriental with a Taiwanese paper reporting that Somali rebels vowed to behead one hostage each day should the government fail to pay the ransom of US $500,000 for each.

Somali gov't denies military buildup as attack preparation
NAIROBI, Sept. 10 (Xinhuanet) -- The Somali government has urged the United Nations aid workers to return to the provisional capital, saying that military buildup in Jowhar that prompted their departure was only aimed at bolstering security. 

Somali President Denies Rising Tension, Foreign Troops
Somalia's president is eager to play down fears of a surge in fighting, a day after U.N. aid workers were evacuated from parts of the country amid threats by militia leaders. He is also denying the presence of heavily-armed Ethiopian troops in the country. 

UN call to save Somali migrants 
The United Nations has called for urgent action to save the lives of asylum-seekers and migrants trying to flee Somalia on unsafe boats to Yemen. 

Islamic clerics dismiss Somali president as just a warlord
Islamic clerics in the Somali capital on Friday dismissed President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed as another warlord and said they would not recognise him as the leader of the country's transitional government in the shattered African nation.

Somali buildup not aimed at attack on critics-govt
NAIROBI, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Somalia's embattled government urged U.N. workers on Friday to return to its makeshift capital Jowhar, saying the military buildup that triggered their departure was aimed only at bolstering security.

Somali-Americans more at home in Cleveland after talks with city
After a harsh welcome to Cleveland, Somali-Americans say they are finding the city a nice place to live and work, after all. Somali men who had been discouraged in their move north from Columbus said they are again hoping to bring their families here to stay. 

Somali militia back the president 
Hundreds of militiamen loyal to Somalia's President Adullahi Yusuf have arrived in his temporary base of Jowhar, the government has confirmed. 

By Dean TakahashiMercury News It took a couple of years for Novalogic's ``Delta Force: Black Hawk Down'' PC game to make it to the Xbox and the PlayStation 2. The game is a noble effort to shed more light on the fighting that tore apart Mogadishu in 1993 and inspired the famous book and film. 

Somali Immigrants Return To MN As Katrina Victims
(AP) St. Cloud, Minn. After fleeing Somalia for the United States several years ago, four men are feeling like refugees again after Hurricane Katrina flooded their Louisiana apartment. 

East Africans Risk Drowning, Violence to Escape Poverty
Thirty-nine people who had been stranded for days in the Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen were rescued Wednesday by a Danish vessel.  They are the lucky ones among the rising wave of illegal migrants from the Horn of Africa who make the perilous journey to Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries to escape violence at home and seek a better life elsewhere.

UN moves staff from embattled Somali interim seat
NAIROBI, Sept 8 (Reuters) - The United Nations moved staff out of Somalia's makeshift capital Jowhar on Thursday, after militiamen arrived and raised the potential for fighting between rival factions of the fledgling government.

Somali minister warns of attack 
The Somalia government is plotting a major military assault on Mogadishu currently controlled by militia groups, a cabinet minister said yesterday.

UN envoy tours Europe to resuscitate Somali peace talks
NAIROBI, Sept 7, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Somalia (SRSG) Francois Lonseny Fall is traveling to Stockholm Wednesday as part of a tour to Europe on the issue of Somali peace talks. 

SOMALIA: UNHCR disturbed by deaths of smuggled immigrants
NAIROBI, 7 September (IRIN) - The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has expressed concern over the death of at least 75 Somali and Ethiopian would-be immigrants who drowned last week as they were being smuggled to Yemen on boats from Somalia. 

Doubts over Igad troops for Somalia
The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) may not send peacekeeping troops to Somalia after all.

Kenya urges Somalia to restore political stability
The Kenyan government on Tuesday called on rival Somali factions to resolve their long standing differences and work toward the restoration of political stability in the lawless nation. 

FEATURE-In war or peace, Somali deal-maker survives
NAIROBI, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Hollywood wasn't exaggerating when it portrayed Osman Ali Atto as the master survivor of Mogadishu's ganglands.

Somali pirates to let captives go free, report says
Somali pirates, under pressure from the Somali government and clan elders, have agreed to release the 47 Taiwanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino and Vietnamese crew on three Taiwanese fishing boats immediately, a newspaper said yesterday.

Somali police boss faces big task to restore law
KAMPALA, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Lacking money, recruits and political support, Somalia's top policeman faces the unenviable task of training a force to bring law and order back to the anarchic Horn of Africa country.

Somali coast risky to sailors
The coastal waters off Somalia are now the second most dangerous area for piracy attacks on shipping in the world. 

SOMALIA: Media watchdog alarmed at threats against journalists
NAIROBI, 6 September (IRIN) - The media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, expressed concern on Monday over alleged threats by gunmen in Somalia against local journalists and appealed to the country's interim government to help stop the intimidation. 

Somalia pirates holding 48 Asian fishermen hostage agreed to reduce demand
Pirates holding 48 Asian fishermen hostage off Somalia have slashed their ransom demand, a human rights worker said Tuesday. 

At least 58 illegal Somali migrants drown
At least 58 Somali migrants have drowned off the coast of Yemen and 155 are still missing, the BBC reported on Monday.

SOMALIA: UN envoy calls on interim gov't to help rescue hijacked ship
NAIROBI, 5 September (IRIN) - The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Francois Lounseny Fall, has appealed to interim Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Gedi to help secure the release of a food aid-laden ship hijacked off the country's northeastern coast in June. 

Formation of National Union of Somali Journalists
The International Federation of Journalists, the world’s leading journalists’ organization, today welcomed the formation of the first trade union journalists' organisation in Somalia in 15 years and praised the democratic election of its leadership. 

Somali rebels holding 12 Filipinos hostage
SOMALI soldiers are preparing to attack rebels holding Filipino, Taiwanese and other Asian fishermen in the African nation after they threatened to kill one hostage each day if ransom was not paid, a Taiwan newspaper reported yesterday.

Somalia's nomad government pleads for help to quell terrorists
I like Britain," Somalia's President and former warlord Abdullahi Yusuf told me. "In fact, a part of me is British." He patted his stomach and revealed that he'd had a liver transplant in London. "I owe my life to the donor, a 27-year-old Englishman."

MOFA in contact with Somali rebel hijackers
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) yesterday stressed that it has made contact with the Somali rebels and is currently negotiating the release of three fishing boats and the 47 crew members being held hostage.

35 Somali die after being thrown overboard
SANAA, Yemen, Sept. 3 (UPI) -- More than 35 Somali nationals, including women and children, apparently drowned after being thrown overboard by Somali sailors off Yemen's coast

Somali women meet with UN officials
Five Somali women from the Twin Cities left for New York this week to meet with the incoming president of the U.N. General Assembly, Jan Eliasson.

Somali pirates still hold UN food aid, 10 hostages
 NAIROBI, Sept. 2 (Xinhuanet) -- The Somali pirates who hijacked a Kenyan-registered vessel laden with food aid off the northeastern coast of Somalia two months ago are still holding the hostages and the food aid, UN officials said here Friday. 

UN envoy seeking advice on Somali`s problems
Nairobi, Kenya, 09/02 - A special envoy of the UN secretary-general to Somalia, Francois Fall, is set to meet key political figures, including officials of the Arab League and the African Union, in efforts to broker the deadlock facing the fledgling Somali administration this weekend, the UN said Thursday here.

Somali hijackers of Taiwanese vessels want ransom
NAIROBI, Sept 2 (Reuters) - Somali gunmen holding three Taiwanese fishing boats for over two weeks in southern Somali waters are demanding $500,000 ransom for each of the vessels, a Western intelligence source said on Friday.

Press for hostages’ release, WFP tells Kenya
The World Food Programme (WFP) yesterday urged Kenya to press the Somalia government to push for the release of ten hostages held in the country.

SOMALIA: Human rights abuses rampant, says expert
NAIROBI, 1 September (IRIN) - Human rights violations, including harassment of minorities and trafficking in human beings, have remained rampant in Somalia despite the creation of a transitional government for that country, an independent expert said on Thursday. 

Narrow perspective on Somali refugees, JEANNE TIMMONS, Penacook - Letter
Colin Powell gave 12,000 Somali Bantus refuge in the United States because he believed that if they returned to Somalia, they would be massacred. The Bantus from camps in Kenya were divided amongst the entire United States.

Somali president gears up to fight - warlord
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Somalia's president is preparing to use force to quell wrangling in his government, and his critics should do "everything" to resist if attacked, a Mogadishu militia boss said on Thursday.

U.N. envoy raps foreign forces in Somalia
NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Foreign security services chasing terrorist cells in lawless Somalia are abusing human rights with kidnappings, harassment and threats to suspects, some of whom may be innocent, a United Nations envoy said Thursday.

IFJ Supports Somali Journalists Demand for Safety
The International Federation of Journalists today backed Somali journalists in their calls for the need to improve the security of media professionals in the country. 

UN envoy thanks Ethiopia for efforts in Somalia
ADDIS ABABA, Aug. 31 (Xinhuanet) -- The United Nations on Wednesday expressed appreciation to Ethiopia for its significant role in maintaining peace and stability in the Horn of Africa nation. 

SOMALIA: EU urges leaders to resolve rifts within gov't
NAIROBI, 31 August (IRIN) - The European Union (EU) has urged Somalia's interim leaders to resolve wrangles amongst the different institutions of their transitional government so that donors can release some aid, an EU official said.

Somali refugees return home
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) took its first tentative steps in repatriating dozens of Somali families earlier this month after ten years of living in exile in neighboring Kenya.

State's Silence Over Hostages Upsets Families
Beatrice Akinyi has spent the last one month waiting for word of her husband Patrick Ogutu's whereabouts after the ship he was travelling in was hijacked on July 28 and a crew of 10 people kidnapped by a Somali militia.

Somali prosecutor seeks death sentence in trial
HARGEISA, Somalia, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Prosecutors in the self-declared republic of Somaliland on Tuesday asked a regional court to sentence to death 10 people suspected of killing aid workers between 2002-2004.

Somali leader vows peace, prepares for trouble
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Instead of fighting his way into Mogadishu, President Abdullahi Yusuf plans to win control by patiently negotiating the disarmament of its turbulent militias.

Mogadishu Islamist denounces Somali government
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - An Islamic court official who wields growing influence in Mogadishu denounced the Somali government as unlawful on Tuesday, dismissing charges by cabinet ministers that terrorists had set up bases in the country.

SPDP Wins Election in 19 Constituencies
The Somali State Election Coordinator said that the Somali Peoples Democratic Party (SPDP) has won the August 21st elections in the state in 19 constituencies where vote counting has been completed.

Statements to police probably admissible
Columbus- Statements by a Somali man in which authorities said he admitted to falsifying immigration documents and planning to blow up a Columbus-area shopping mall likely will be allowed at his trial, a federal judge said. 

Somali PM warns oil firms against deals with local officials
NAIROBI (AFX) - Somalia's prime minister has warned foreign firms against signing oil exploration contracts with local officials in the lawless country, saying such agreements were invalid.

Judge says Somali man's statements likely will be admissible
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Statements by a Somali man in which authorities said he admitted to falsifying immigration documents and planning to blow up a Columbus-area shopping mall likely will be allowed at his trial, a federal judge said.

Somali deportation case revived
Whether four Somali men can remain in the United States is in question again after an appeals court sent their case back to the Seattle judge who freed them more than two years ago.

Somali Journalists Create Press Freedom Monitoring Network
For the first time in Somalia, press-freedom violations will be systematically documented and reported, thanks to efforts by the Somali branch of the Eastern Media Institute (EAMI-S) and support from the Danish agency, International Media Support (IMS). 

Somali President is back from Saudi Arabia
Somali interim president, Mr. Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed is back home in Jowhar, Somalia after a week-long visit to Saudi Arabia. Mr. Ahmed and his delegation were welcomed my senior Somali government officials and crowds of well wishers, many in cultural attire. Jowhar is the government’s temporary headquarters.

Somali family can't afford to live in New Hampshire
CONCORD, N.H. --Besides his meager income as a landscaper, a Somali man has relied on food stamps to support his seven children and his pregnant wife. But there's little left for things like soap, diapers, utilities -- and rent.

Weathering the storm: humanitarian work amid the Somali maelstrom
"The question of our presence in Somalia is a matter of constant debate within MSF," explains Mcllreavy. "There is no question about the need for humanitarian aid because Somalia has some of the worst health indicators in the world... But the needs have to be weighed up against the risk to our staff." 

Somali woman faces deportation after refugee lie
A Somali woman is behind bars, facing deportation, after she lied to gain refugee status in New Zealand and then tried to bring in a family member. 

Orphaned Somali sisters embrace new life in the US
DADAAB, Kenya, August 25 (UNHCR) – The air is thick with anticipation at the refugee transit centre in Nairobi. People chat excitedly as they pile up their bags and pull their trolleys around

Authorities had cause to arrest Somali man, agent testifies
COLUMBUS, Ohio - The government had probable cause to arrest a Somali man accused of plotting to bomb a shopping mall based on an e-mail, phone logs and other sources that corroborated his relationship with a man convicted of helping terrorists, an FBI agent testified Thursday.

Somali govt risks chaos with new force-speaker
NAIROBI Aug 24 (Reuters) - The government could push Somalia into deeper chaos by recruiting an armed force when it should be mediating a restoration of order in lawless Mogadishu, a prominent political opponent of President Abdullahi Yusuf said.

UN human rights expert begins Somali review mission
NAIROBI, Aug. 24 (Xinhuanet) -- The United Nations Independent Expert on Somalia Ghanim Alnajjar is on a 11-day mission to the Horn of African nation to review human rights conditions, UN officials said here Wednesday. 

Somali police officers attend management course in Uganda
A total of 67 Somali senior police officers are in Uganda for a three-week management course aimed at rebuilding the their country's police force, Radio Uganda reported on Monday. 

Board Announces Somali State, Rerun Elections Vote Counting Peaceful Conclusion
The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that vote counting in the National Election in the Somali State and the rerun elections in various parts of the country was concluded peacefully.

Calm As Somali Clans End Rivalry
Some of 30,000 families displaced in a recent clash between two rival Somali clans started returning home following a peace agreement at the weekend.

Somalia's violence 'catastrophic'
The lives of Somalis continue to be blighted by a "catastrophic" level of daily violence and "brutality", says a report by a medical charity. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) says that in the town of Galcayo alone, it has treated more than 500 victims of violence this year. 

ETHIOPIA: Voting largely peaceful in Somali region
JIJIGA, 22 August (IRIN) - More than a million people headed to the polls on Sunday in a delayed vote for 23 seats in Ethiopia's remote eastern Somali region, but many polling stations in the desert-like area opened late. 

One quarter of Somali children die before 5 - MSF
NAIROBI (Reuters) - More than one in 10 Somali children die at birth and a quarter of those who survive will perish before their fifth birthday in one of the world's worst child mortality rates, a medical charity said on Monday.

Somali president rules out disarmament by force
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Somalia's president vowed on Sunday to use persuasion rather than force to disarm its many militias, saying warlords and businessmen should realise it was in their interests to demobilise the gunmen they control.

Somali Women's Health Awareness Night in Minnesota
Somali Women's Night is focused to provide preventive health education for refugee and immigrant women from East Africa. Due to the culture shock immigrants/refugee feel upon arrival in a country different from their own, it is very difficult for them to be aware of the various health services that are available to them and how to access these services.

ETHIOPIA: Mixed signals ahead of Somali region poll
ADDIS ABABA, 19 August (IRIN) - Ethiopia's remote, desert-like eastern Somali region has suffered years of conflict and political instability, and is gripped with tension ahead of Sunday's polls. 

Somali troop move has peaceful intention - PM
NAIROBI (Reuters) - A Somali troop recruitment campaign is intended to create a national army and not attack any party involved in the government's internal differences, the prime minister of the divided administration said on Friday.

Somalis in plea over race attacks
Glasgow's largest refugee community has joined a call for victims of racist attacks to ensure the crimes are reported.  The community has experienced a rise in racist incidents since the London bombings, according to representatives meeting Strathclyde police in a bid to stop the attacks.

Somali pirates unload food from hijacked UN ship
NAIROBI, Aug. 18 (Xinhuanet) -- Somali pirates who seized a UN-chartered ship carrying tsunami aid to Somalia almost two months ago have started unloading food from the boat, according to residents of Haradere in eastern S omalia.

Somali gunmen seize fishing vessel, militia says
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Six unidentified gunmen seized a fishing vessel and its crew in southern Somali waters in the latest in a spate of acts of piracy off the coast of the lawless country, a militia spokesman said on Wednesday.

Repatriation of Somali refugees from Kenya resumes after two-year break – UN
The first airlifts from Kenya to Somalia in two years left Dadaab in Kenya this week, bringing dozens of Somali refugees home to the north after more than a decade in exile, the United Nations refugee agency said today.

Somali minister returns amid row
A prominent Somali warlord and minister in the transitional government has returned to the capital, Mogadishu, for the first time in three years. 

Getting to grips with khat in Somaliland
A mayor in breakaway Somaliland is trying to cut down on the problems caused by khat, a mild stimulant, by moving dealers to the outskirts of the city. Hussein Mohamud Jiir, mayor of the capital Hargeisa, has set aside tracts of land where he hopes to install the khat merchants. 

Welsh Somalis counter 'isolation'
A sense of isolation members of one of Wales' oldest ethnic communities say they feel from society has led to an event to increase integration.

Lawlessness still rules Somalia
GALCAYO, Somalia -- The thin strip of no man's land that divides this town into north and south bears no markings or warning signs, but everybody knows it's there. The towns- people also know that crossing the so-called "Green Line" could spell instant death.

Somali leader plans war, MPs say
Somalia's president is planning to start an internal war with Ethiopian help, a group of rebel MPs has said. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed has just returned from a trip to Ethiopia, his long-time ally, but officials have denied that he sought military assistance there. 

Somalia: Freed Journalist is Expelled From Jowhar
A radio reporter jailed for five days in Jowhar was released without charge on Sunday, but was expelled from the town and told not to come back, according to the journalist and local sources.

Donors accused of false aid pledges for Somalia
Donors made false promises to the Somalia government before abandoning the new administration in its greatest hour of need, a Canadian legislator said today. 

Somali hostage deadline expires 
The deadline for the release of 10 hostages who have been held by Somali pirates for six weeks on a UN-chartered ship has passed.
Under a deal agreed with the hijackers on Friday, the ship was due to dock at the port of El Maan near the capital, Mogadishu, within three days.

Donors ditched new Somali government-Canadian MP
NAIROBI, Aug 8 (Reuters) - Donors made false promises to the Somalia government before abandoning the new administration in its greatest hour of need, a Canadian legislator said on Monday.

You may ask, "What does Somalia have to do with Iraq?" The answer is, "Plenty." In 1993, the United States, under the guise of a "humanitarian" mission, invaded and occupied Somalia. As with Iraq, the world's leading military superpower used its weapons to kill innocent people in their own country.

Somali hijackers to release ship, hostages -WFP
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Somali pirates who have held 10 hostages for more than a month on a ship chartered by the U.N. World Food Programme to carry food aid have agreed to release the vessel and free the crew, the WFP said on Saturday.

Letter from Britain: From hope on arrival to a deadly bitterness
LONDON Yasin Hassan Omar came to Britain from Somalia in 1992 when he was 11 years old. Thirteen years later, on July 21, he tried to detonate a bomb on the London Underground, the police suspect

Efforts continue to secure release of hijacked 
Sri Lankan
Colombo, Aug 6 (IANS) Efforts continue to secure the release of S. Mahalingam, the Sri Lankan captain of a World Food Programme (WFP)-hired vessel that was hijacked in late June off the coast of Somalia, Xinhua reports.

Envoy pushes for a unified Somalia govt 
A top United Nations envoy met today with factional leaders opposed to Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf to try to mend a rift that has split the new government and stalled progress towards peace. 

SOMALIA: Interim government promises to end divisions
NAIROBI, 3 August (IRIN) - Senior officials of the Somali interim government on Monday promised to end disagreements that have paralysed their administration, following a visit by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) to Somalia, François Lonseny Fall.

UN envoy heads to Somalia to urge leaders to ‘overcome differences’
The top United Nations envoy in Somalia met today with senior officials in the war-ravaged country, aiming to help the leaders begin a serious dialogue to overcome their differences and end the stalemate over the relocation of the fledgling government and its institutions from Kenya to Somalia.

East Africa's terror ties 
The news that three of the suspects held in connection with the failed London bombings on 21 July were born in East Africa has once again put the region in the spotlight

UN Works to Facilitate Somali Reconciliation
Some African press reports say that Somali prime minister Ali Mohamed Gedi yesterday rejected a new united nations effort at reconciling the country’s factions.  South Africa’s Mail and Guardian paper and some other news outlets quote the somali prime minister as saying proposals made last week by the UN were a “road-map” – and an “imposed solution” -- made without consulting the government.

SOMALIA: UN envoy to facilitate dialogue within divided gov't
NAIROBI, 1 Aug 2005 (IRIN) - The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) to Somalia, François Lonseny Fall, on Monday left Nairobi, Kenya, for the Somali town of Jowhar to meet senior members of the Somali transitional government, officials said.

Somalia: A haven for terrorists
The often lawless region of east Africa has been identified for years as prone to terrorist activities. Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, and Ethiopia have all been known to contain active Islamic extremist groups, some of which have definitive ties to al-Qaeda.

Terrorist threat against London still serious despite arrests, police say
LONDON (AP) - British police were questioning suspects Saturday in hopes of learning who recruited and supported the bombers who struck at London's transit system, and authorities vowed they would not let up in their massive anti-terrorist operation. 

Somalia leader asks militia men to join army 
New Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf has appealed for militia across the anarchic nation to join a security force for his government.

Cop 'guilty' in Somali man assault case - National Post
TORONTO -- A Toronto police officer has been found guilty of beating a Somali immigrant in a violent confrontation caught on videotape.

Yasin Hassan Omar has focused attention on an ethnic minority group self-referentially known as the "invisible community," raising the profile of Somalis in the UK in the worst way possible, writes Jean Eaglesham.

Somali leader seeks to bolster power with troops
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - New Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf has appealed for militia across the anarchic nation to join a security force for his government which re-based this week outside Mogadishu to the fury of his foes.

Somali captured in failed bombing
BIRMINGHAM, England -- Police yesterday captured a Somali man believed to have been one of four fugitive bombers but extended their dragnet for the others to Continental Europe amid signs that some may have escaped Britain aboard an English Channel ferry.

'They pointed the gun at me and told me to drop my bag'
A Somali woman has described the moment she and her 12-year-old son were held at gunpoint when armed police seized them near their London home. The woman believes she was targeted after her estranged husband was arrested as part of the investigation into the failed suicide bombings on 21 July.

Anger at Somali leader's arrival
Members of Somalia's transitional government based in the capital have criticised the arrival of President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed in Jowhar.

In Somalia, isolation has kept AIDS at bay
XUDDUR, SOMALIA -- They have posters. They have training manuals. They have wipe-off markers. The only thing that the earnest band of AIDS educators in this Somali town don't have is, well, any people with AIDS.

Clan Fighting in Somalia Kills 20
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Fighters from rival clans battled for control of a town in southern Somalia, killing at least 20 people and wounding more than 30, witnesses said Saturday.

Somalia: On the front lines of a failed state
Xuddur, Somalia — He has no anesthetic. No bags of blood to transfuse. No ventilator, no chest tube, no suction. No lights, no running water. Nothing, in fact, but a scalpel, some gauze and a firm conviction that he can manage without the fancy stuff.

Uprooted by war, Somalis find refuge in
city gardens
Sometimes putting down roots means just that
Hamadi Mayange, a 54-year-old refugee from Somalia, looks ill at ease in a community room at his apartment building in east Denver, struggling to explain what he wants with the help of a translator. 

Death of a Peacemaker
The assassination of a Somali mediator may indicate that Al Qaeda is gaining ground in the troubled African nation.

Peace Still a Dream in Somalia As Leaders Bicker
All Africa More than two months after the election of President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, Somalia is still experiencing sporadic violence instigated either by clans.

World Watch: Fighting terror in Somalia
Somalia has long been seen as a hotbed of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, but analysts are coming to realize that fighting terrorism there means more than supporting military operations and nabbing suspects.

SOMALIA: Baidoa tense amidst fears of possible militia attack
NAIROBI, 21 Jul 2005 (IRIN) - Tension rose on Wednesday in the southwestern Somali town of Baidoa amidst reports that a militia group was poised to attack the town, local leaders said.

Djibouti deports Ethiopian pilots 
BBC News, July 19, 2005 -- Djibouti has confirmed that two Ethiopian airmen who defected there in June have been returned to Ethiopia. 

SOMALIA: Houses to be built for tsunami survivors
NAIROBI, 19 Jul 2005 (IRIN) - Four hundred housing units are to be built for survivors of the December 2004 tsunami in Hafun town, northeastern Somalia in a joint programme between the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)

Somali State Chief Urges Civil Servants to Contribute for Democratic Conduct of Election, July 17, 2005 
Chief of the Somali State called upon civil servants in the State to contribute their share for the democratic conduct of the upcoming national and state council elections in the state.

Expressing concern at the recent disagreements threatening the viability of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Institutions, the Security Council this afternoon urged the immediate conclusion of a national security and stabilization plan, to include a comprehensive and verifiable ceasefire agreement leading to final disarmament.

Two Puntland Journalists Freed, But Harassment Continues
The Committee to Protect Journalists welcomes the release of two radio journalists who were jailed for nearly two weeks in Bossasso, a city in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland. But CPJ remains deeply concerned by the continued imprisonment of Abdi Farah Nur, editor of the weekly Shacab, and by reported attempts to censor the private radio station Voice of Peace in the Puntland city of Galkayo.

A 12-year-old Beechville boy, who came to Canada eight years ago as a refugee, has won first place in a poetry contest held by the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Authors Association

SOMALIA: Lifting arms embargo risks more violence - ICG
NAIROBI, 14 Jul 2005 (IRIN) - The UN arms embargo on Somalia has been critical in limiting violence in the war-ravaged nation, and lifting it would create a serious threat of expanded violence, the International Crisis Group (ICG) has warned.

Violence against Somali businesses in South Africa
Sun. July 10, 2005,  Somalis in South Africa have been subjected to discrimination at its worst in the hands of black South Africans for the past several years. Worst hit are those who ventured into black townships and opened new businesses. 

Somali government starts recruiting security force
MOGADISHU, July 9 (Reuters) - Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf has begun recruiting members for a security force to protect his new administration, despite angry opposition from powerful warlords in his cabinet, officials said on Saturday.

Only president can save Somali peace process
NAIROBI, July 9 (Reuters) - Somalia's president must return to Mogadishu and restart talks with opponents in his cabinet if the anarchic country's peace process is to survive, an influential Somali politician and former envoy said on Saturday.

WFP Negotiates for Release of Hostages
The World Food Programme (WFP) is working with ministers and clan elders to negotiate the release of eight Kenyans held in Somalia.

SOMALIA: Monitoring committee warns over rising tension July 8, 2005
The reported increase in weapons entering Somalia in violation of a UN embargo and continuing differences between Somali leaders are fuelling tension in that country, a committee monitoring the peace process has warned.

Somalia leader warns rivals   July 8, 2005
Somalia’s president is gathering troops from around the country to protect his government as he moves into its temporary base in Jowhar against angry protests from within his cabinet, a minister said today. 

EAST AND HORN OF AFRICA: Relief agencies seek US $479 million for Eritrea, Somalia and Uganda
NAIROBI, 12 Nov 2004 (IRIN) - Relief agencies have jointly appealed for more than US $479 million to fund humanitarian activities in Uganda, Somalia and Eritrea in 2005, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported.

New president says "one year" to stabilise Somalia
KAMPALA, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Somalia's new president said on Friday it could take just one year to stabilise the Horn of Africa nation torn apart by 14 years of conflict and plagued by heavily armed militias.

Somalia's civil war claimed 300,000 lives
KAMPALA - Somalia's new President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed said on Friday that 300,000 of his countrymen were thought to have died during 14 years of civil war and voiced hope for peace to return to the Horn of Africa state.

Heavy rains render hundreds homeless in Somalia`s Sanaag region
Mogadishu, Somalia, 09/29 - Torrential rains accompanied by heavy winds left more than 350 people homeless after floods from two days of downpour washed away dozens of huts belonging to residents of Sanaag region.

Somalia edges towards democracy
The first step in the process, creating a parliament, came nearer to completion when 64 members were sworn in on Sunday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. 

Significant turning point' for Somalia
Addis Ababa - The recent swearing-in in Nairobi of Somalia's transitional federal parliament is a significant turning point for the Horn of Africa nation's reconciliation process, African Union (AU) Commission Chairman Alpha Oumar Konare said on Saturday.

Somalia poised for new government
Somalia's first parliament for 13 years is expected to be sworn in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on Sunday. 

SOMALIA: UNDP to encourage Somalis abroad to help motherland
NAIROBI, 18 Aug 2004 (IRIN) - The Somalia office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) said on Wednesday that it had launched a project to encourage Somali professionals living abroad to use their skills to improve the lives of their compatriots back home.

SOMALIA: 2,400 mt of food delivered to ease shortages
NAIROBI, - The United Nations food agency has delivered 2,400 mt of food aid to Somalia in a bid to ease a shortage of relief supplies in the country that had been caused by unavailability of grain in the regional market, officials said.

Drought threatens Somali nomads
 The situation has been deteriorating over the last 10 years 
A severe drought is threatening the nomadic lifestyle of 250,000 herdsmen in northern Somalia, aid agencies have warned. 

Somali tells of Iraq kidnap ordeal
 Mr Musa said he was treated well and given lots of food A Somali truck driver kidnapped in Iraq has been talking about his ordeal after arriving safely back in Kuwait.

Somalia's progress to new government slows again
NAIROBI, Aug 6 (Reuters) - International mediators postponed the inauguration of Somalia's parliament for two weeks to allow clan representatives more time to finish their delegate lists for the new 275-member parliament.

UN calls for support of sports initiatives in Somalia as tool for peace
6 August 2004 – The United Nations team in Somalia today appealed to the international community to support sports initiatives among young Somalis to promote peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa country.

SOMALIA: Disputes delay formation of transitional parliament again
NAIROBI, - The inauguration of Somalia's transitional parliament was on Thursday postponed to 19 August, after disagreements over nominees from various clans once again delayed earlier plans to swear-in the MPs and launch the assembly.

Muqdisho of Yesteryears and Today’s Muuq-disho
By A/fatah S. Faamo & Ahmed A. Hassan
Based on the historical recognition, the introduction of urbanization in the Somali Peninsula restructured the inter-clan relationship of the Somalis.  Muqdisho, as a case in point, suggests the necessity to scrub social links that are based on inter-clan relationship . . . . . . .

Somali graduates are working in non-graduate jobs
By Mohamed Mukhtar 
The challenges that these graduates face did not start at the graduate labour market but started long before they have even finished their high schools. Most of these degree holders are victims of a civil war and refugees in this country. 

There is No Knowing without Confronting Variations
By Abdifatah Said Faamo, 
Roobdoon Forum
I inherit my legacy of worldviews – including works on Somali Oral tradition, Islamic and Western Macrifah.  I glory some of their works and thoughts.  Admittedly, I am still seeking further meanings and evaluations in life – which often causes me to be being caught between indhow-garad and indheer-garad themes. 

Traders of A Cargo of Guilt
By Mohamed Mukhtar Hussein
The title of Abdi-Nur Hagi Moh's newest novel, A Cargo of Guilt, evokes images of law enforcement and courts of psychology and emotions, and individual resposibility. 

Unveiling Our Waranle & Minghis Ethos: Warlordism
By The Roobdoon Forum
Somalis today are among the most warlord-philiac people in the world.  Many of them consider that following their warlord (calaqad) is the prime-requisite of a clan-ethical system and the basis of all kin cohesion. 

Good Governance and Somalis
By The Roobdoon Forum
Most Somalis consider the current situation as one of the saddest epochs in Somali history.  This situation will allow us, the Somali
intelligentsia, to express our grievances and to discover that our experience demands a thoroughly investigation and justice.

Laanta Buur: My Political Prison  By Dr. Mahamud M. Yahye
In the view of many witnesses of Somalia’s recent history, an important element of the terrible abuse of power and authority during the dictatorial regime of the late Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre was the arbitrary and widespread detention of dissidents, political opponents and even ordinary Somalis who would just express an honest opinion on the state of affairs of their country. 

Grievances against Bossaaso Police Misconduct
By The Roobdoon Forum

The quiet before the storm
As Stephen John Stedman of Stanford University's Center for International Security and Co-operation has observed, a badly designed and poorly implemented peace agreement can lead right back to renewed civil war. In both Rwanda and Angola, more people died after peace agreements were signed than during the conflicts themselves.

Unity by Peaceful Means is an Exploit that Deserves a Millennium
In severely divided societies, ethnic [clan] identity provides clear lines to determine who will be included and who will be excluded.  Since the lines appear unalterable, being in and being out may quickly come to look permanent. 

Counter-Terrorism in Somalia: Losing Hearts and Minds

Somalis: Masters of Survival
By Mohamed Mukhtar

Trapped Between the Hammer and the Anvil
A long journey of struggle on the verge of coming full circle.

Somalia Weather

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